Outreach Ministry                                                                                                                      

Lessons throughout the Bible tell us to feed the hungry, to love one another as we love ourselves, and to have mercy for those who need help. We take these lessons very seriously and respond with a series of outreach programs for our local community, our regional area and around the world.

Annually we raise monies through our Lenten-Self Denial projects. These monies have reached as far as the continent of Africa and as near as our local community. We continue to do mission trips throughout the world and to lend a helping hand for communities in need after a storm.

Our actions reassure us God will continue to speak in our world. Listed below are highlights of ongoing, current and past projects.


  • Local Living Assistance
  • Monthly Food Bank Donations
  • Adopt a Family

Current – 2015

  • Lenten Self Denial – African Mercy Ship
  • Mission Trip to Guatemala
  • Christmas in June
  • Camper Scholarship for Merom Summer Camp Program
  • Sponsorship of Community Thanksgiving Meal
  • Clothe Children Project
  • Gifts for Christ Child

Past Projects

  • Lenten Self Denial Projects
  • Mission Trips (Local, Regional, and Global)
  • Clothe the Children Project

 We review our projects at our monthly meetings and are always willing to hear suggestions for future projects.

Monthly Food Bank Donation
September – Beans 
October – Peanut Butter and Jelly
Donation History
August 2016
22  boxes of Cereal 
July 2016
58 canned Fruits
June 2016
100 boxes of Marconi and Cheese
May 2016
74 cans meats
14 cans vegetables
January 2016
25 boxes breakfast bars
4 boxes of Toaster Pastries
December 2015
54 boxes of stuffing/dressing
November 2015
66 canned soup
4 box soup mix
October 2015
29 jars of peanut butter
20 jars of jelly
September 2015
72 cans/jars/bags of beans
August 2015
45 boxes of Cereal/3 canister of Oatmeal
July 2015
58 Cans of fruit
June 2015
35 containers/35 Envelopes of Drink Mix
May 2015
48 cans tuna / 7 cans chicken /1 can chicken soup / 8 cans vegetables /1 box crackers / 3 bags chips / 2 bags cookies