Vacation Bible School (VBS)
2019 Vacation Bible School Recap
At the VBS Incredible Race, we explored God’s love for the nations as we traveled around the world. It was a wonderful week. We had 35 kids ages 3-11 participate. Trinity United Church of Christ is extremely blessed to have so many amazing helpers that make this week special for the kids. A huge THANK YOU to Heather Goodhue who makes the assembly time unique and teaches the kids all the VBS songs, Judy Thom who perfected all of the amazing crafts for the kids, Connie Schmitt and Judy Hubster whom made snack time yummy and fun, Audra Jahn who provided some amazing science lessons and challenges, Andrea Hulsman and Brian Ferrell were brilliant at delivering the perfect Bible lessons at story time, David Hubster made game time entertaining and unique, Anna Grant set up a wonderful Mission to collect for the Heifer International Project, and Kari Roth perfected fundraising, signup, and led the groups flawlessly. We had a rather challenging curriculum with this VBS theme, therefore Pastor Jane deserves some extra credit (and many many thanks) for adapting the lessons to fit our UCC beliefs and values. In addition to all of these superb leaders, the following youth and adults contributed to our outstanding week.
Now to recap our week…..
On Monday we “traveled” to South America. We talked about how we all make mistakes, but God always loves us even when we make poor choices. We made it rain with watercolors during science time and made a table top Fútbol game during crafts and played a little Fútbol (aka soccer) during game time. Snack time was filled with a crowd favorite, chips and salsa. Our food challenge was trying Brazilian Brigaderos, which was similar to fudge…yum!
Tuesday our travels took us to Asia where our focus was on towers. We started the morning with lots of STEAM tower building challenges that everyone enjoyed, and may have brought out their competitive side. Our Bible lesson was about the Tower of Babel where we talked about the importance of doing what God wants us to do. The kids made some awesome mini globes during crafts and perfected their paper airplane skills during science. We enjoyed making some Rice Krispy towers for snacks and faired about 50% with our food challenge, hummus with pita chips.
We started Wednesday with the kids making “shades of cake” cupcakes. They made white cake mix and chocolate cake mix and each kid made their own chocolate/vanilla cupcakes. We talked about how we all start with the same basic recipe, and then God enjoys making each of us our own special person with just the right amount of every special ingredient he wants us to have. We emphasized that we may all look a little different on the outside (like each of unique cupcakes), but we are all made up of God’s love (yummy cake).  Our story time focused on how we are all different and unique, and that we are all made by God as the children of God. Our Wednesday destination was Africa where we learned some African games and made Mud Hut Mission banks during crafts.
We spent Thursday voyaging to Europe. During story time, we focused on the “domino effect”, telling one person about God’s love, who tells their friend, who tells another person, and so on. The kids even decorated their own dominoes and tried setting up a chain reaction. We talked about sharing God’s love with the world. Science consisted of figuring out what “polished pennies” the best. Dirty old pennies were placed in cups of Ketchup, mustard, Coke, vinegar and salt, lemon juice, lime juice, or orange juice. Which do you think made the pennies the shiniest? For snacks the kids made leaning tower of cheese Ritz crackers and tried some interesting lavender English scones.
Friday we stayed in the USA and ventured to the Central Green splash pad. We cooled off and had a wonderful time splashing in the water. We enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches and made some unique kindness cards during craft time. Our Bible lesson focused on loving one another and the power of your SMILE.
Our VBS Mission was to raise money for Heifer Project International. Heifer works around the world to enhance the capacity of small-scale famers to secure their livelihoods. Heifer hopes to provide a sustainable solution to improve world hunger and poverty. VBS had a $800 goal to help buy an irrigation system, chickens, and a llama. We are very excited to announce that to date we have surpassed our goal and raised $883 this summer.
All of our participants and leaders were provided with an Incredible Race t-shirt which turned out adorable, especially the message of “God loves every tribe, tongue, nation” on the back. Sunday the kids did a wonderful recap of their week during our church service. We hope you were able to enjoy it…..I know they did!!!   Thanks to everyone who made our week special! It was Incredible!!!! -Dana Schnarr, VBS 2019 Director