Trinity Tree House                                                                                                                     
Trinity Tree House preschool provides a quality program for the enrichment of young lives in this community. Daily individual and group activities provide a variety of learning opportunities. Through a structured yet flexible curriculum, each child is guided toward developing a positive self-esteem, a good social concept, and a solid foundation for future learning. Trinity Tree House also provides an environment of Christian love in which the child is given opportunities to explore his/her world, to experiment with materials, to strengthen relationships with peers, and encouraged to think creatively in solving problems. There are experiences in art, music, science, literature, and social living, as well as physical activities which promote health and safety. Our preschool strives to supplement and enrich the home.
Classes and Times

3-day classes (4 year olds)  – Monday, Wednesday & Friday  8:30 – 11:30 AM

2-day classes (3 year olds)  –  Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 – 11:00 AM 

For additional information call  812.482.4090