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PJ’s Ponderings    

PJ’s Ponderings . . .September 2020


I am me…

There will not ever be anyone like me. I am special because I am unique.

I am stardust and dreams.

I am light. I am love and hope.

I am hugs, and sometimes tears. I am the words “I love you.”

I am swirls of blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange and colors no one can name. I am the sky, the sea, the earth.

I trust, yet I fear. I hide, yet I don’t hold anything back.  I am free. I am a child becoming an adult.

I am me, and me is just right.     
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Beth Schooner, age 15
In  the  midst  of  today’s  world,  the wisdom from a fifteen-year old poet blesses my soul. Her words speak God’s truth:  Each
of   us, created  in  the  image  of  God,   is  just  right.     This  truth  may  seem  so  obvious  to  believers  in  the  faith.    We are
taught  that  Jesus  loves  us;  we  know  that  we are precious in God’s sight.   We read that Jesus accepted all people young
and old; we believe that our God  welcomes us equally.
Our parents  spend our early childhood  years reassuring  us that we are loved for who we are.   Then,  often with great fear
and trepidation,  they send us out into a world that unfortunately is sometimes cruel and abusive.   Sadly it is true: there are
those in the world  who want to  set particular standards  for God’s   children.   There are those who want to say YOU are ok
but YOU are not.  Suddenly, being loved for who you are is not enough.
Often in disbelief the world  looks  in  at  the  church  and asks:   “Do you really accept everyone as being  “just right”   the way
they are?”   Do you truly accept all children of God regardless of the race, religious creed, gender, age, or sexual orientation?
With boldness we declare, “YES!” There is a joy in God’s heart when acceptance is known in the welcoming arms of the church.
I invite each of you to believe that YOU are precious in God’s sight.
I invite you to trust Trinity Church is a place to know and experience the love of God.
It is true there is no one else like you:  You Are Special!


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Grace and Peace – Pastor Jane