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PJ’s Ponderings    

PJ’s Ponderings . . . October 2019              

Valuable in more ways than words can say,            

Optimistic and helpful every day,            

Lending support with a heart-warming smile,            

Unselfishly going the extra mile,            

Notable for all the work you do,            

Trusted because we can count on you,            

Effective in all you undertake,            

Esteemed for the difference that you make,            

Ready to service in so many ways,            

Special and deserving of our praise!             

The month of October is traditionally the time of year that the church gives thanks for the time, talents and offerings shared by all ages. As we ponder ways we can faithfully follow God’s recipe for life, let us consider celebrating the harvest of the God given gifts present at Trinity Church. As your Pastor, I am keenly aware of the time and talents people give to the various ministries in the church. Much that is given may go unseen by many but please know that I notice and appreciate your dedication.   It is always amazing to see the list of those willing to serve on a team that plans and implements the various ministries.   Each of our five ministry teams are thankful for the many volunteers that make their visions happen.
The Christian Education Team has the joy of watching Sunday School, our after School ministry, Confirmation, VBS and youth ministries shape God’s disciples of today and tomorrow.
The Parish Life team has a great time planning the various receptions; what a joy it is to watch people sit at tables celebrating Graduation, VBS, Back to School, and new members.
The Outreach Team is busy every month sharing information about an important opportunity to help others; the generous outpouring of monetary gifts is a blessing.
The Worship Team, including the Arts Team, is working behind the scenes coordinating details that make our various worship experiences inspirational and meaningful. Our worship atmosphere is enhanced by artistic  expressions of faith.
The Property Team continually works on the maintenance, repairs and enhancement of our buildings and properties including the church parsonage.   In addition to our ministry teams, we have volunteers willing to work with our Church Council leadership in these areas: Finance, God’s Home Improvement, Stewardship, Memorial, Pastoral Relations, Trinity Tree House, Social Media, Strassenfest, Personnel, Nominating, Budget, Technology, Safe Church and ministries within our Lincolnland Association and Indiana/Kentucky Conference. In addition to adults, we have children and youth bringing offerings and sharing their own time and talents. I am blessed to have a group of kids and youth who are always willing to lend a hand or share an idea. They are a blessing!
Let us give thanks for the icing on the Trinity’s cake of God’s blessing!!                                                                                                                                                                                                     
~ Blessings, Pastor Jane