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God’s Recipe for Life
4 cups of Love                                          2 cups of Loyalty
3 cups of Forgiveness                           1 cup of Friendship
5 spoons of Hope                                    2 spoons of Tenderness
4 quarts of Faith                                      1 barrel of Laughter  
Take Love and Loyalty, mix it thoroughly with Faith. 
Blend it with Tenderness, Kindness & Understanding. 
Sprinkle abundantly with Laughter.   Bake it with Sunshine.
Serve daily with Generous helpings.
This fall the Sunday School will focus on the theme “Following God’s Recipe for Life”.   The Bible, filled with family faith stories, will be our “cookbook”. Together, we will explore the ingredients we need to have in our hearts to be faithful disciples.
Once we identify God’s fruits of the spirit, we will explore ways to blend them together to produce a wonderful ministry of love.   It’s important to know that God didn’t write the recipe so that our lives would be boring or hard to live. Instead, God wrote God’s “recipe for life” to help us to know how to live happier, healthier lives. Sometimes we think that God’s rules are hard to follow-maybe there are too many ingredients and we get confused about how much of each ingredient to use–but the truth is that if we follow God and follow God’s recipe EXACTLY, we will be GREATLY blessed.
There will be 6 Wednesday afternoons when our kids gather for “Cooking with Jesus – Chew & Chat”. Adults and Youth will be needed for each of these events; details can be found on page 9 of the August/September newsletter.  Watch the bulletin for an opportunity to donate supplies and food.   This is the last year that our kids can walk to this after-school program; in 2020 the new grade school will be ready.
Please do not hesitate to talk to me about how YOU can be a part of this fun-filled Christian ministry.   I do want to invite the entire congregation to join us in God’s kitchen for worship, study, service and fellowship throughout the coming year.
~ Blessings, Pastor Jane