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PJ’s Ponderings    
April, 2019

Question:         “Sir…tell me where you have laid him…”

Answer:            “Mary”…       (John 20:15-16)
Mary Magdalene went with two others to the garden near Jesus’ tomb to anoint His body with burial perfumes. They entered the garden gate and were suddenly bathed in the glowing light of two angels.  “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” asked one angel.  “He is not here, for He is risen, just as He said,” explained the other angel.
Incredible as the angels’ story seemed, two of the women ran to tell the disciples. The other woman, too worn from grieving, stayed behind in the garden.  She did not believe the angels and wanted to see the empty tomb herself.  That is how Mary Magdalene became the first Easter doubter.
Before we shake our heads at her faithlessness, why not look into our own lives and find the moments when we have almost missed Easter. It is true; sometimes we miss the miracles that are happening all around us.  So it was for Mary on Easter morning; she saw the Master, but did not recognize Him.  Jesus put all the love He had for her in His voice and said, “Mary”, her name.
In our own need to be made new this Easter, may we be reborn in our lives through participation in the Easter celebration. Let us listen for Jesus calling our names to bring us resurrection power for today.  It matters not what has gone before today – death, despair, hopelessness.  We can be reborn when Jesus calls our name.  This does not just happen at Easter; the miracle awaits us each new day.  Let us thank Jesus for knowing our names and sacrificing His life for us that we might have life and life everlasting.  Alleluia, Amen.
Have a Blessed Easter! ~ Pastor Jane